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The Gender Quest Workbook
by Rylan Jay Testa, Deborah Coolhart, Jayme Peta

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I wish I had this book when I was a teen! I think everyone should read this book, regardless of if they think they might be trans or not. It does a great job deconstructing the gender binary and gender stereotypes. Then it helps you work through what's going on in your brain, and even teaches aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy to help you stay safe while you work through it.

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
by Robyn Carr

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A must at read if you enjoy family stories. Beautifully written, a blissful beach read.

The History of House Cats
by Raz Kids Books

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This book is about cats being pets through history. The ancient Egyptians especially liked cats. The cover had a cute kitten

Finally (Willow Falls, Book Two)
by Wendy Mass

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I really enjoyed this book! It's about a girl who becomes 12 and finally gets to a lot of stuff all her friends are doing. But when she does some of the things, things happen that don't usually happen. It is a good book and I recommend it.

Laocoon's Children
by Sam Copper

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This is an unpublished indie series with 12 stories that ranged from short fiction to full novel length. It absolutely sucked me in and I read the full 443,308 words of the series in a few days, averaging about 5 hours of reading a day. I am extremely behind on work, but it was worth it!!!!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
by Paul Galdone

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The troll said I will gobble you up. But the biggest billy goat had hard hooves and sharp horns.

End of the Dragon! - Minecraft Books
by Anna Kopp

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It is a great part of the Minecraft book series.

They Did Bad Things
by Lauren A. Forry

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A very strange tale of a group who committed a crime 20 years prior and are now brought back together to face one another. It moves quickly and has some leaps, but good summer fun.

I Can Be A Gymnast (Barbie, Step Into Reading)
by Depken, Kristen L.

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Well I dont like it. I did not like how she fell

The Hoppers Go to School
by Raz Kids Books

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This is about the four bunnies going to school. One ran late because he got burned in his mouth from Oatmeal and almost forgot his lunch. He soon caught up .

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